About Us

About UsMy name is Claire Green and I am the CEO, Natural Hair Stylists and Certified Sisterlocks™ Consultant which operates Natural Clarity, LLC.   I have over 14 years experience as a Sisterlocks™ Consultant and a background in natural hair care that goes back over 22 years.  As a seasoned Sisterlocks™ Consultant my knowledge and expertise are reflected in the quality of service I provide to each client as well as my professionalism which has afforded me the opportunity to serve as a leader in the natural hair industry.  Natural Clarity clients can rest assure that my staff and I make it a priority to provide the very best in natural hair care and Sisterlocks™ Services.

I have an exceptional group of women and children, committed to the health and wellness of their hair, which make up my clientele. We share and encourage each others lives, we share parental secrets, tips on how to survive as women and most importantly we share a common foundation of Faith.

The Natural Clarity in my life is something that I was born with, shown the beauty of, taken for granted, been afraid of and now Love and Appreciate. You know...sort of like our Natural Hair!!! I encourage all of my clients and visitors to embrace your passion and use it to be a Blessing to Others.

Continuously Giving Thanks,